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  • Notion Dashboard for ALL your business Needs

  • Full Notion Content System

  • Never Worry about What to Post Again

  • Full Walk-through set up of every social platform

  • Copywriting Deepdive

  • Headline and Hooks System

  • Create your perfect Messaging

  • And MUCH MORE...

Here's What Magnetic Content Can Do For You

Dear Entrepreneur,

Want to know how to best leverage this course?

Great, because I’ve taken about 120 courses and been in to many to count coaching programs, and the difference between those who “make it” and those who don’t is pretty simple.


I know that sometimes you take a course, you think the info is great and then it comes time to pay the credit card bill and you think: "Crap I didn't even use this thing".

You're full of regret.

I want you to avoid that entirely, so I haven't just filled this course with a bunch of theory and fluff.

I've filled it with actionable step by step guides for you to start producing WINNING Content as soon as you complete the course.

We cover headlines and hooks, copywriting techniques, what to post, content types, content timing and much much more.

You'll even leave with your very own Notion Content Calendar, that was previously reserved for our Diamond Partners. Yours for simply joining Magnetic Content

"The strategies in this course generates 1,000s of email subs, DMs and Sales every month like clock work… and you get access to that just by enrolling."

Ready To Grow An Audience That Buys?

Is Magnetic Content Right for you?

Who, specifically, is this course for?

Magnetic Content is for creators who want to drive more sales and activity from their social media content. Likes and comments are vanity metrics, our focus is yes to drive like and comments, but more importantly create content that gets people to reach out and say "How can I work with you?"

Who won't benefit from this course?

If you already have a consistent stream of leads begging to buy from you from your social posts and email lists. Or if you want to grow your following to get brand deals or be an influencer. This is for serious business owners who want to make an impact and while they're at it a lot of $$.

Is this about copywriting and short-form video?

While we do cover some elements of copywriting and how to structure your short-form video for maximum engagement and sales. This is not a "how to write" or "how to speak on camera" course. We can support with that, however this course is for building a content system that systematically finds, nurtures and converts new customers into your business.

Here's some wins from our clients, to give you an insight on what to expect inside Magnetic Content

Easily Create High Volume of a Highly Profitable Content

We will walk you through the "stages" of content so eventually you will be producing as much volume, without sacrificing quality. We will give you several ways to generate the best ideas and turn them into winning content pieces.

Attract thousands of email subscribers and DM Leads

The goal of your content isn't to sit there and look pretty, it's to convert. We will show you our sneaky little way we drive email subscribers and DM leads, without having to pay for ads. Currently we're getting 30+ email leads a day. All from organic content, you'll be slapping yourself that you didn't think of this one.

Repeatable templates and frameworks

Once you've found what works, you will need to double down. We've found what works and we will give you our frameworks and templates, that you can swap out a few words and make your own. Templates work, even if they get a bad wrap. We will show you how to make them pop.

Sneak Peak of What is included/Free Module

Take A Look At EVERYTHING You're Getting Today!

  • Notion Dashboard for ALL your business Needs

  • Full Notion Content System

  • Never Worry about What to Post Again

  • Full Walk-through set up of every social platform

  • Copywriting Deepdive

  • Headline and Hooks System

  • Create your perfect Messaging

  • And MUCH MORE...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Magnetic Content For?

Magnetic Content is tailored for individuals who are creators and entrepreneurs seeking a more dependable system for crafting high-quality written content across various social media platforms. If you're passionate about sharing your valuable knowledge with the world but find it challenging to convey your message effectively, this course is designed with you in mind.

What Social Media Platforms does this work on?

The Magnetic Content System is specifically designed for individuals who produce a substantial volume of content on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn. While using Twitter as your main platform can be beneficial, it's not a prerequisite to benefit from the course.

Who is Magnetic Content Not Right For?

If you already possess a well-established framework for consistently generating top-notch content on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, this course may not be the right fit for you. The focus of this course is to reveal the inner workings of a comprehensive toolkit for content curation, template creation, distribution, and growth. It does not offer quick-fix "hacks" or tricks; rather, it centers around building robust writing and template systems to enhance predictability and efficiency.

Is There Extra Coaching Included?

No. Right Now this is a standalone course. It is specifically designed to get you results without extra support. If you are ready for extra intimate coaching you can join our Client Accelerator Program.

What is the Focus of Magnetic Content?

Say goodbye to the struggle of brainstorming ideas, the frustration of staring at a blank screen, and the uncertainty of what to write about. Magnetic Content will empower you to curate, create templates, brainstorm effectively, and distribute your content with much greater ease.

Ready To Grow An Audience That Buys?

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