Book More Calls in 2024 Normal Price: $299 Now Just $199

Book More Calls in 2024 Normal Price: $299 Now Just $199

The Simple 7-Step System to Book More Calls and Make More Sales for your Creator Business

Cure Broke Creator Syndrome with Consistent Sales without needing a big following

The exact system I have used to enroll over 1,500 clients in the past 3 years and generate $3m in revenue

Over 1,500+ Clients Have Used this System Already

Learn the System Used to Generate

Consistent Clients Without a Large following

Build a following THEN you can make money... screw that

"The Cure For Broke Creator Syndrome"

For years, I was led to believe I needed to build an enormous audience to grow my business.

And for years, I pursued that idea...

"Things will be better when I have 1k Followers"

"Things will be better if I just grow my audience more"

The lies I kept telling myself, and honestly the lies a majority of "big business creators" are telling you.

The truth is, you no longer need a big following to grow online.

You need a leveraged offer, and an easy way to reach your ideal prospects.

I call myself the "worlds worst influencer" because I've been doing this for 7-years and barely have a following of over 10k across all platforms.

But I've been able to turn that tiny following into a CRAP load of sales, by utilizing Leveraged Offers... but more importantly DMs.

And I want to show you how you can do the same.

How Does This Work?

We've sent over 180,000 DMs in the last few years. So we know a thing or two about what works and what doesn't. We've also worked with 1,500 clients direction...

So we also know that this converts effectively in (Almost) Any Niche.

Here's what's on the inside:

1. The Script and Framework

There is no magic script, message or cold message automation that will magically transform your inbox.

What you need is a system and framework that will allow you to deal with every objection, problem and troublesome DM you receive. This is more than a script it's our Entire Playbook.

2. Sales Psychology and More

There's a mindset that you need to possess when it comes to DMs and Sales. We will guide you through the difficulties that you will enivitably face when diving into the DMs.

We will walk you through how to "think" about conversations, so you can do this without additional guidance, so you can become the EXPERT in the DMs and book more calls/make more sales

3. Live Conversation Walkthroughs

Applying any system can be difficult without first seeing it in action.

We have compiled our most valuable and difficult conversations to give you live play by play walkthroughs.

Uncover how we would handle difficult conversations and how to leverage the system to convert more efficiently

Does Our DM System Really Work?

Everything You Need To Book Consistent High Quality Daily Calls

(And Nothing You Don't)

The Course Outline:

DMs Overview

A 5,000 ft. view of the entire system and everything you need to know about applying this to your business

DM Psychology

Get into the high performance mindset for DMS so you can get the most our of every conversation.


We've partnered with a team to give you the BEST CRM you can use in the DMs, which works on EVERY platform

KPI Tracker

We've custom built an entire KPI tracker for you and your entire team (when you get one). That will ensure you are always on target


We broke our script down into 7 simple steps, with troubleshooting and objections baked in, so you'll always know how to handle a conversation

The Perfect Convo

We made a sample script for you, for the IDEAL conversation, which gives you a baseline to shoot for.

Follow Ups and Objection

Not all Conversations go to plan sometimes you will need to follow up to keep the conversation going. Sometimes you will need to handle objections. Knowing how to correct the conversation when it goes off track can be the difference in 100s of calls over an extended period.

Conversation Examples

Don't just learn theory watch real world examples of conversations, how we handle bottlenecks and how to overcome them.

Bonus: VA and Setter School

We have added 8 modules that you can hand over to a team member and get them trained on this system instantly

Bonus: IG, X, FB, LI

We've created custom modules for each individual platform you will likely be on

Who Is This Course For?

This Is Not For You If:

  • You are just looking to make a quick dollar

  • What you are selling is not valuable for your end client

  • You believe just buying this will be enough to make you successful

  • You expect a technical how to guide on every product used

  • You expect me to be standing over you making sure you are taking daily actions

This Is For You If:

  • You Have an Online Business That Creates an Impact to your Customers

  • You Know Watching this Course Alone is Not Enough And You Will Take Action Daily

  • You are ready to show up daily to see results over time

  • You don't make excuses you just keep taking daily action

  • You are ready to fall in love with the process

  • No Matter what you will continue to grow and improve your service delivery

The Results We Are Getting With Our Clients

Ready to take Your DMs to the Next Level?

Take A Look At EVERYTHING You're Getting Today!

  • Our Complete DM System - Notion Based

  • The DM Gameplan

  • Follow Ups & Objection System - Notion Based

  • Live Conversation Walkthroughs

  • Lifetime access to Private Skool Community

  • Bonus: DM Psychology

  • Bonus: The Perfect Conversation

  • Bonus: Every Conversation method we have ever used

 Join Today $299 $199

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program right for me?

If you currently run or want to start a coaching/consulting/agency business and want to be extremely profitable, then yes this is the place for you to be. 

How long do I have access for?

This is a Lifetime Access and you retain access as long as our Skool Community is Active.

I'm already in another program should I still join?

Yes, we have people who have taken every program under the sun, but struggled to get results. Then they join GOLD and they've completely unlocked there business. Because of the cost, you can join this and be in other Higher ticket programs. But don't say we didn't warn you when we say "This will blow them away".

What kind of support is available in the Program?

Included in the Program you get Access to our Dedicated Private Skool Community and Full Module Access.

What Platforms do your methods work on?

We have this saying "we're platform agnostic" meaning we don't care what platform we're on, we make it work. We've used everything from IG, TT, FB, Twitter etc. We even have clients using our methods on LinkedIn and Youtube. So no matter your platform this will work.

Bulletproof DMs

Access Our System for $299 $199

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