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009: 8 Sales Lessons I've learnt after taking 3,500 Sales Calls

February 08, 20243 min read

I’ve taken over 3,500 sales calls

Here are the 8 things I’ve learnt

That are must haves for any biz owner or sales person

In sales, your own personal style matters.

If I was you reading this DON’T use all of these tactics and tools, use the ones that fit your style and personality

You are not me… which is great, use what you feel comfortable with

1 - How you say something matters just as much as what you say

Wolf of Wall Street high energy sales is… DEAD

Curiosity, slow and empathetic sales is in

Your tone matters

Speak out loud this sentence and emphasize the capitilized word

HE killed his wife

He KILLED his wife

He killed HIS wife

He killed his WIFE

Same sentence but the meaning is completely different, tone matters a lot

Use the curious Doctor tone

2 - Rapport isn’t built through chit chat - it’s built through understanding

Your therapist doesn’t say “How was that game last night?”

Then suddenly because they “built rapport” you open up

NO… they build rapport by asking, probing and listening

Focus on that kind of rapport, not fake BS

3 - Motivation matter more than money

I’ve closed more prospects who are hungry to win then I have rich prospects with low motivation

Financial qualifications are great, but if you can speak with someone who is hungry, they’re a better prospect and a better client

Which leads to point 4

4 - NEVER Buy their BS

Your prospects want you to buy their story: “I’m broke” “I suck at this”

They want a pity party, if you buy it, they win and won’t buy because they’re now the seller

Acknowledge their story but challenge it

5 - You’re not their friend

“I bought because the sales person was friendly” = Potential buyers remorse

“I bought because the sales person challenged me and made me realize this was the best option to achieve my goals” = hungry motivated prospect

How your prospect buys is how they will be as a client, don’t ruin that be being a “friend”

6 - Your pitch isn’t a formality, make it great

Sales calls are about uncovering pains points, and that’s where sales can be won.

But most great sales people forget about the presentation/pitch

For me, that’s my biggest strength, as it makes the prospect think “Wow this is better than anything I’ve seen before”

Which will take away the “I have to speak to competitors” or “I need to think about it” objections

Most pitches are wrong, here’s a quick structure:

4 Core Pillars

  • Feature

  • Problem it solves

  • Benefit

  • Case Study

4 Logistical pillars

What you do

7 - The way you present your price MATTERS

2 Options - present the price before the pitch

Which allows them to digest and then when you ask: “Could this be the answer you’re looking for?”

They will acknowledge that question knowing the price

Option 2: use the PIF Discount

The price is $12k broken up over 3 payments or if you want to save about 20% it’s just $10k one time

Which works best for you?

8 - Objections aren’t always smoke screens

Most people say objections are BS

Well that’s just not true, I have a business partner in Australia, if our call is midnight his time, I have to speak to him before sending you the money

It’s the truth. All though a majority of objections aren’t, assume they are

Acknowledge them, Challenge them and resolve them

If you can’t resolve them on the call use BAMFAM

Book a meeting from a meeting, to discuss the next steps

Hope you’ve enjoyed this and can use some of these tricks to collect more cash up front

And.. close more deals

Drop a follow or Re-Post if you want to share this with other smart people

Appreciate you

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Offer: Sales Coaching

Pricing: $10k

Result: $50k+/month


Offer: Agency

Pricing: $2k-$10k/mth

Result: $75k+/month


Offer: RE Coaching

Pricing: $10k

Result: $100k+/month


Offer: Dating Coach

Pricing: $6k

Result: $20k/month


Offer: Finance Coaching

Pricing: $1k-$10k

Result: $30k+/month


Offer: Marketing Coach

Pricing: $3k

Result: $20k+/month


Offer: Drumming Coach

Pricing: $3k

Result: $8k+/month


Offer: Agency

Pricing: $2k-$10k/mth

Result: $30k+/month

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Join 4k+ Subscribers... Daily emails on growing MRR and scaling internet businesses with small highly profitable teams.

Join 4k+ Subscribers... Daily emails on growing MRR and scaling internet businesses with small highly profitable teams.