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Join 4k+ Subscribers... Daily emails on growing MRR and scaling internet businesses with small highly profitable teams.

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010: The 3 Stages of Content

March 27, 20244 min read

Recently, I've made a few mediumish sized mistakes.

One of those I regret and it has served as an important lesson that I will continue to utilize.

You may or may not know what I'm referring to, as I've posted about it a few times.

It was a simple mistake of choosing "cheap tricks" over real marketing.

I've had friends tell me "f*ck it they're not your people anyway" which very well may be true, yet in my gut I know I shouldn't be using cheap tricks.

And on a 5-year time horizon do I want to be known as the "cheap trick guy" or the guy who has great marketing insights and skills.

That is a simple question with an easy answer.

Now there is a huge lesson in my mistake, that you can learn from. I'll get into that shortly, it envolves the 3 stages of content that any online entrepreneur goes through. Let me break it down for you...

Stage 1: Consistency

When you're first entering the content game, your biggest bottleneck is you and your ability to stay consistent.

When clients ask me what's the first step in content? I always tell them post consistently, Monday to Friday. Even if the content isn't that good, just get into a habit.

Consistently sharing your thoughts, giving away "value bro" (yes I know not my typical advice), and share a little bit of personal insight.

I don't give them content calendars, hell I don't even give them ideas.

I want to establish a "base-line" of consistency. Because going from 0 to 1 is one of the hardest steps, and I want them to experience that themselves.

A lot of people try to skip this step.

"Bro I'm going to post 4 reels, 2 YT videos and 18 tweets a day"

No... just once a day on one maybe two platforms for 2 weeks straight.

Once you've established your baseline of consistency then we can move to step 2:

Step 2: Quality

"So Jason, you're saying post a bunch of crap to begin with?" - not really but kind of. Just get it out there, just START and you'll be much better off than 99% of people who don't even get to that point.

Once you've gotten over the "CoNtEnT is hard" phase, now we can talk about quality.

This is actually where I messed up, I graduated past this stage, moved to the next. But then neglected this stage because of my ego and thinking "I'm above that".

Which is a mistake I won't make again.

I used to get hundreds of replies to my emails "Jason, this is so great" - I started to say things like "I could send a blank email and people would think it's great". That's dangerous and I can't believe I let sales numbers and growth affect me in that way.

Back to it, quality is subjective. But now you've gotten consistent, think how can I give them more. Doesn't have to be longer (like this email) but it does have to have more "punch" to it. Still 1-2 posts a day, but upping the quality. and then...

Step 3: (Consistency + Quality) x Quantity = Content Mastery

This is a stage very few people reach and to be honest you can be in this stage and drop back down to step 1... like I have recently.

The hardest part about this is maintaining it, which is why systems are so important. And it's why we preach this so hard in our magnetic content course:

At this stage your goal is to produce as much content as possible, while making it high quality.

This is where you will post 4+ times a day with absolute BANGERS... and this is where growth happens. Not just in follower count, but in sales. Which don't always directly correlate.

On X I've grown maybe 100 followers in the last 30 days. The previous 30 days it was in the thousands.

But in that time I've made well over $100k from X. Both follower growth and sales growth can occur simultaneously, but it doesn't always relate, so just understand that and expect it.

The point of this email is to showcase to you the importance of progressing through the stages of content instead of trying to be a hero... like me.

Build systems

Get Consistent

Produce Quality

And eventually you'll see the results.

If you need help with this... join our FREE Skool community where I dive deeper into content, sales, dms and more:

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Pricing: $10k

Result: $50k+/month


Offer: Agency

Pricing: $2k-$10k/mth

Result: $75k+/month


Offer: RE Coaching

Pricing: $10k

Result: $100k+/month


Offer: Dating Coach

Pricing: $6k

Result: $20k/month


Offer: Finance Coaching

Pricing: $1k-$10k

Result: $30k+/month


Offer: Marketing Coach

Pricing: $3k

Result: $20k+/month


Offer: Drumming Coach

Pricing: $3k

Result: $8k+/month


Offer: Agency

Pricing: $2k-$10k/mth

Result: $30k+/month

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Join 4k+ Subscribers... Daily emails on growing MRR and scaling internet businesses with small highly profitable teams.

Join 4k+ Subscribers... Daily emails on growing MRR and scaling internet businesses with small highly profitable teams.